Fulmer & Company are proud to share we have led an investment in superfood latte beverage brand Blume.

Born out of a desire for a better way to enhance your daily rituals with or without coffee, while also staying true to your wellness goals, Co-Founder and CEO Karen Danudjaja created Blume, a selection of drink mixes that create latte-style beverages packed with superfood-flavour.

Blume was founded in Vancouver, BC, and, is proudly women owned and led.. “We treat our lattes like a wellness ritual: a five minute break to relax and focus on creating a drink that matches our lifestyle best. We are here to turn the caffeinated beverage world upside down, with a focus on personal wellness and Blume-ing up lives!” say’s CEO Karen Danudjaja.

From bootstrapped beginnings to now being available in café and retail locations across Canada, the investment round led by Fulmer & Company will provide the capital to solidify the national presence and launch into US market.

“Fulmer & Co are delighted to join Karen and the Blume team on their journey to bring flavor and function together in such a delicious product,” said Killian Foley, VP Investments at Fulmer & Company. “They truly are lattes, done better”.

You can find Blume at itsblume.com, in wellness retailers, grocery stores, cafés and the functional food aisle at Whole Foods.