A Message from the Lieutenant Governor


As Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, I am pleased to welcome you to the third annual Fulmer & Company retreat. 

The theme of this year’s retreat, “Leadership for Good”, is one that resonates strongly with me. Throughout my career and my lifelong role as a volunteer, I’ve constantly been inspired by the many people who generously serve their communities in diverse ways as leaders. We all know of outstanding citizens in our own communities who provide leadership for local organizations and keep services running through volunteering, fundraising and advocacy. Today, as you engage in workshops and presentations, I encourage you, as leaders in your own organizations, to take this opportunity to be inspired by them all. 

On behalf of His Majesty King Charles III, please accept my best wishes for a fulfilling and inspiring retreat. 



The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC 

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia 

Business, nicely done.

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nicely done.


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