We are thrilled to announce that through the completion of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory with Carbonzero, which measures our carbon footprint, as well as the purchase of nature-based third-party verified carbon offsets from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, we are working to address our environmental impact, act as a stronger corporate citizen, and reach our goal of carbon neutrality for 2021.

Carbonzero has recently completed a GHG Inventory for Fulmer & Company for the 2021 reporting year. In doing this, we have taken an important first step in setting out a path to effectively managing our GHG emissions and the broader impact we have on the environment. The GHG Inventory project allows us to see exactly where we are doing well and where emissions hotspots exist in terms of our business’ operations.

We chose to take the already granular approach to our GHG Inventory one step further and commissioned an automated carbon footprint calculator from Carbonzero for corporate air, rail, car, and transit trips. This calculator allows our employees to input travel information for business travel trips and be able to see corporate travel carbon footprint measurements in real-time as trips occur.

“It has been a great experience to collaborate with Fulmer & Company over the past months to help them gain a deeper understanding of the climate impact of their business,” says Liam Conway, VP Advisory Services at Carbonzero, “We’re excited to see them take a unique leadership role in the context of how their own sustainability actions can also influence those of the companies that they invest in.”

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project - Now Supported by Fulmer and Company

In an effort to mitigate our climatic impact, we will be sourcing third-party verified carbon offsets from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, which spans the Western coast of British Columbia. The coastal forests of B.C play a vital role in capturing and storing vast amounts of carbon dioxide. The trees and soil in the Great Bear Rainforest store more carbon per hectare than any of the world’s tropical rainforests, including the Amazon. By sourcing carbon offsets that generated from this important project, we are proudly contributing to the protection of these vital forests.

“We’re thrilled our carbon offsets will be used to support the Coastal First Nations in preserving the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. Sustainability and reconciliation have always been important to Fulmer & Company, so taking the next step with Carbon Zero was a great way to put those values into action.”

Yuri Fulmer - Fulmer & Company Chairman

The Coastal First Nations are the champions of the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. With proceeds from carbon offset purchases the Coastal First Nations are improving forest management by using ecosystem-friendly practices that protect more trees through less frequent logging to avoid deforestation and degradation. They are also replanting forests where they have been absent for extended periods and are planting new forests where there have never been forests before. The carbon offset units we have purchased from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project will be retired on the BC Carbon Registry.