Fulmer & Company is excited to announce today that it has completed another strategic investment in GoJava.ca.

Pre-pandemic, GoJava was one of the fastest growing sustainable office service providers in the Toronto and Ottawa regions. It offers reliable delivery of water, coffee and healthy snacks to offices across town, while building a zero waste office community.

Amid COVID-19 and city-wide lockdowns, GoJava quickly realized the opportunities in home grocery delivery service. The GoJava team launched The Good Grocer to meet the surge in demand of home grocery delivery. And as situations evolve, GoJava continues to evaluate and strategize in how to navigate through the challenging times and best service the communities.

"Although the business has suffered great impact due to the pandemic, I strongly believe in its management team and what the future holds for the company. The team is nimble and committed. They've come up with creative solutions in response to the crisis. As a strategic partner, we are also committed to help the business plan and develop new strategies to recover and resume growth" said Yuri Fulmer, Chairman and CEO of Fulmer & Company.

To learn more about GoJava and its creative offers, visit gojava.ca

For more information about Fulmer & Company or our investments, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com or visit fulmerandco.com