Today, Fulmer and Company are proud to announce a seed investment in Relish and its subscription-based weight loss program, leveraging artificial intelligence, remote doctor appointments, support groups, and therapy, to promote sustainable weight loss. 

Founded in Vancouver, Relish is based on the notion that weight gain and retention are primarily mental health issues, not a lack of willpower. Monthly subscriptions include telehealth visits, medications, nutrition, fitness advice, chat support, and weekly facilitated group discussions with Master's level therapists. Local healthtech entrepreneur and Relish CEO Liz Dickinson co-founded the company with former elite athlete Shannon Shearn (COO), experienced psychologist Dr. Brian Alman (Chief Behavioral Officer) and California Medical Association executive, Dr. Albert Ray (CMO). Relish also brings a strong advisory team which includes world renowned physician, Dr. Vincent Felitti. The funding from the current investment round backed by Fulmer & Co will provide substantial capital for Relish to expand its reach and scale its operations. 

“Fulmer & Co. are thrilled to be joining Liz and the team on Relish’s journey to helping improve mental health related obesity outcomes in North America,” said Killian Foley, VP Investments at Fulmer & Co. “Relish’s focused and ambitious team are taking a leading role in this important space and we’re confident that this additional capital will allow Relish to access patients that have been underserved by traditional providers.”

With the belief that there is no physical health without mental health, Relish’s aim is to retrain the brain. It focuses on medically treating core drivers of addictive relationships with food: 

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Adult toxic stress and trauma 
  • Physiological changes to the brain and metabolism 

“Relish is on a mission to flip the diet industry right side up, using groundbreaking research that ties chronic stress and past trauma to weight gain and retention," said Relish CEO Liz Dickinson. "Diets fail time and time again because they're not addressing the root cause of the issue. Our goal is to help people shed their childhood traumas, learn effective coping strategies and empower them to live healthy, happy lives. We're giving men and women the tools to reclaim the life that is rightfully theirs and leave their past in the past."

The company stands out in the market with its commitment to address the root causes of weight gain instead of simply treating the symptoms. 

Led by Yuri Fulmer, Fulmer & Co. is devoted to helping businesses grow. Recognizing the potential of Relish to uplift the physical and mental health of millions made the burgeoning startup a clear target for investment. With this venture, Fulmer & Co. is pleased to help grow Relish while helping those who are striving to improve their health through positive intervention.