Fulmer & Company is pleased to announce today a new equity investment in Clir Renewables Inc., a renewable energy AI software company offering an innovative solution to power plants that are experiencing energy underperformance issues.

Founded in 2017, Gareth Brown, CEO of Clir Renewables led a group of like-minded energy experts through a series of research and developed a renewable energy AI platform that connects directly to renewable energy assets, collects operation data, and uses algorithms to analyze and provide near real-time stats to help operators understanding energy consumption and optimizing energy usage for better production output.  The entire system is cloud-based, currently serving wind and solar industries.

“I see a great opportunity in the business as the desire for renewable energy continues climbing. Those large power plants are in need of reliable tools to manage underperforming and distressed assets and minimize risk. We are excited to work with Gareth and support his team in expanding their business development and growth” commented Yuri Fulmer, Chairman of Fulmer & Co.

For more information, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com or visit fulmerandco.com