Fulmer & Company today announces that it has participated in a Seed Round for Social Nature, a consumer-powered digital marketing platform helping natural products get on and off retail shelves.

Social Nature, founded by Annalea Krebs, is a Vancouver based socially conscious marketing company with a unique focus on natural products. It connects businesses with consumers who are interested in sampling eco-related products that are launched on Social Nature. Consumers can leave reviews on sampled goods which will accelerate the process for those brands to enter major retail space.  Since 2015, Social Nature has helped over 500 natural brands go digital and get their products on and off retail shelves. Their community base has grown to almost half a million members. 

Yuri Fulmer, Chairman of Fulmer & Co. explains that “natural products are the fastest growing segment of the consumer-packaged goods industry. There are thousands of new products launched every year. Through Social Nature’s Launchpad and Digital Sampling programs, emerging brands can launch products and reach targeted consumers faster, compared to some of the conventional competitors. We believe with our capital injection, Social Nature will continue new product development, and ensure high growth of Launchpad and possible expansion into new markets”.

For more information, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com or visit fulmerandco.com