Fulmer & Company announces today of a strategic equity investment in Nexii Building Solutions Inc., a green construction technology company based in Vancouver, B.C.

Nexii is named after the company’s signature building product Nexiite. The proprietary material, a combination of low-carbon materials, enables efficient, sustainable construction process. Founded in Moose Jaw, the company has completed 10 building projects in the past two years. It is committed to an innovative, environmental-responsible “whole building solution” which will forever change future construction industry. Under its environmental stewardship, Nexii pledges to use no toxic substance, use less energy, emits less embodied carbon, and reduce onsite construction waste to near-zero.

Nexii’s mission is to create sustainable, durable, cost-efficient and disaster-resilient buildings, giving future smart living a new solution. Late January, 2020, Gregor Robertson, former Mayor of Vancouver joined Nexii as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, aiming to expand Nexii’s green building solutions globally.

“Our construction products and solutions will disrupt the industry”, said Steve Sidwell, Nexii’s CEO.  “We believe innovation, sustainable building technology is the future of urban living. We are thrilled to become Nexii’s investment partner and to support the company in its future expansion,” added Yuri Fulmer, Chairman of Fulmer & Co.

For more information, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com or visit fulmerandco.com