Today we are pleased to announce that Fulmer & Company has successfully completed an investment in Foodee, a leading corporate catering company headquartered in Vancouver.

Noticing the emerging needs of quality workplace catering, Ryan Spong and Jon Cartwright founded Foodee in 2011, aiming to bridge the gap between plain desk lunches and local tasty eats. Being one of the most popular foodies' hubs, Vancouver has an abundance of great restaurants. They serve the city's residents and tourists year round, operating out of spaces from food trucks to commissary kitchens to state-of-the-art facilities. Nonetheless, they offer a wide range of delicious and healthy dishes. And with Foodee's technologies and connections to local owner-operated restaurants, corporate caterings are no longer costly yet tasteless.

By using Foodee's platform, companies can place team orders based on dietary preferences, and expect reliable delivery with sustainable and safe individual packaging. In the past decade, Foodee expanded into 14 other North American cities. In 2020, it acquired Chewse, a similar catering company based in San Francisco, making it the first acquisition for the Canadian brand.

"We anticipate a surge in sales once the offices reopen across North America. Regardless, Foodee's business model is designed to accommodate special requirements around social distancing environment", said Ryan, CEO of Foodee.

"Foodee is a Canadian company that's fully invested in building sustainable, diverse communities and corporate culture while supporting local restaurants and small businesses. I am confident that with the additional capital, Foodee will quickly expand into new markets, bringing personalized meals to hundreds of other modern offices", added Yuri Fulmer, CEO of Fulmer & Company.

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