Today Fulmer & Company is pleased to announce it has made a substantial investment in Solstice Power Technologies, an American solar energy company based in Cambridge, MA.

In the recent years, as technologies advancing, solar power became available to individual consumers. But because of certain restrictions and limitations, many American households still don't qualify for accessing this clean energy. Even with the community solar programs which allow residents to contribute a portion toward the purchase and installation of large-scaled, remote solar panels, solar energy developers will only choose residents who have high credit scores and can afford to sign long-term contracts.

Solstice, a community solar startup, has determined to change the situation. It works with large communities and local reputable organizations to negotiate terms with solar companies and developers for better contract terms. The company also created a customer qualification metric, EnergyScore to help manage residential customers, and uses it as a pre-approval tool to enable a greater participation in those community solar projects.

Stephanie Speirs and the company's co-founder, Sandhya Murali both strongly believe that "renewable energy is the future for America, and people have the right to access it."

"We see that Solstice is devoted to improve the community solar system. The founders recognized the challenges in the system and are doing everything in their power to make a change. At Fulmer, we wholeheartedly believe in supporting communities. Therefore, we are proud to partner up with Solstice and help the company overcome those barriers and challenges, and make community solar possible for everyone", commented Yuri Fulmer, CEO of Fulmer Company.

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