Fulmer & Company is pleased to announce today an investment in CareCru Inc., a Vancouver based tech start-up.

Seeing the lack of operational supports in end-to-end medical practices and the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence systems integration, CareCru created and launched the World’s first AI powered virtual dental practice assistant – Donna™, to serve as the operational and administrative functions for dental practices. Donna™ manages client-related tasks like every other Front Office Assistant, generates practice intelligence and patient insight reports to aid growth analysis, and is enabled by her marketing capabilities to work closely with the marketing team on designing new campaigns based on the data collected.

“At Fulmer and Company, we are thrilled to be working with CareCru. The company presents a clear and focused mission and is fueled by a group of talented and dedicated people. I am confident that our partnership will help CareCru accelerate innovation and growth”, said Yuri Fulmer, Chairman of Fulmer & Co.

This investment by Fulmer & Company was part of CareCru’s fully subscribed Seed Round.

For more information, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com us or visit fulmerandco.com