We are delighted to share that Fulmer & Company has completed a substantial investment in Vancouver-based clean technology software company, Encycle Corporation, as part of a successful $7.5M Financing Round, led by Cycle Capital.

The new partnership between Encycle, Fulmer & Company and other seasoned clean tech investors including Cycle Capital and Active Impact Investments will accelerate Encycle’s mission of transforming commercial HVAC energy management.

Founded in 2005, Encycle has become a leading technology-driven company in improving the efficiency of commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Its patented, cloud-based Swarm Logic® offers an automated HVAC solution. By using its unique technology and integration, Swarm Logic is able to synchronize and analyze data quickly, create dynamic models for each building and its thermal load profile, and distribute energy consumption smartly and efficiently. Encycle enables end users to optimize HVAC energy consumption and therefore reduce overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Encycle has helped more than 1,000 buildings transform their HVAC control systems and is expecting a dramatic increase in new customer sign-ups,” said Steve Alexander, President & COO of Encycle.

Yuri Fulmer, Chairman of Fulmer & Company added “We admire Encycle’s commitment to sustainability through persistence and innovation. Encycle’s talented and ambitious team has taken a leading role in the HVAC-optimization space. The business’s growth and sustainability models resonate well with us and we are excited to be partnering with Encycle through the next phase of their journey.”

Learn more about Encycle and what it offers, please visit encycle.com

For more information about Fulmer & Company or our investments, please contact yuri@fulmerandco.com or visit fulmerandco.com