We are pleased to announce that Fulmer & Company has completed a substantial investment in a San Diego based biotech company Aquacycl.

Founded in 2016, cleantech business Aquacycl provides a sustainable approach for onsite wastewater treatment. Its BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT®), is the only plug-and-play technology that's created to meet the commercial needs.

Majority of wastewater is released back to the environment without proper treatment. And due to the high content of organic material, treating commercial wastewater is more energy-intensive, resulting in greater emission of green house gases, than sewer wastewater. Most facilities and municipalities either discharge high-strength wastewater to sewer or use hold-and-haul. Both methods can be very costly.

Aquacycl's innovative modular system can treat wastewater up to 10 times more effectively than traditional methods, with more electricity yields for faster treatment rates. The BETT® reactor is the first commercial graded Microbial Fuel Cell with no methane production, and eliminates up to 50% of sludge.

Aquacycl's technology is cost-effective and sustainable. The energy captured during the treatment is used to power the equipment, achieving energy neutral. The treated wastewater becomes irrigation quality water (in accordance with WHO standards).

"Aquacycl's technology takes an advanced approach to sanitation and wastewater treatment, setting new standards for the industry. Some of the biggest benefits of using our BETT® system are efficiency, no methane production, energy neutral, while getting a significant saving on operational costs", explained Orianna Bretschger, CEO of Aquacycl.

"We are extremely honoured to be partnering with Aquacycl and help the business grow to new places", commented Yuri Fulmer, CEO of Fulmer & Company.

Learn more about Aquacycl and what it offers, please visit aquacycl.com

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