Today Little Kitchen Academy (LKA)  announced that The Fulmer Foundation will match donations made on behalf of their students to LKA charitable partners through the How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy philanthropic program at all LKA locations globally in 2022.

How Can I Help by Little Kitchen Academy, is a first-of-its-kind philanthropic program, putting the power of giving into the hands of LKA students and creating a generation that cares about the world around them. Every LKA student learns about the company’s charitable partners and is given the chance to ask ‘how can I help’ - empowering them to choose what matters most to them and learning that they can make the world a better place. LKA donates $1 on behalf of every student to the charity of their choice.

LKA is partnered with four notable charities doing important work: Chefs for Humanity (founded by LKA Global Ambassador Iron Chef Cat Cora), The Global FoodBanking Network, Kids Help Phone (for locations in Canada), and PHIT America (for locations in the US).

“I am profoundly grateful to The Fulmer Foundation for its generosity and support of How Can I Help,” said Felicity Curin, co-founder/co-CEO and COO of Little Kitchen Academy. “Since launching the program in February 2021, we have seen the impact it has had on our students and how much care and consideration they put into their choice when deciding which cause they want to help. Some students have been through the program a few times and share with their fellow students what each of our charitable partners do, which is so inspiring! Having Yuri and the Fulmer Foundation’s support is such a wonderful reinforcement that this program is valuable to our students and to the world, and their gift will help us reach our $1M goal faster and have a greater impact.”

“I am delighted that the Fulmer Foundation is supporting such an innovative philanthropic program, and further empowering LKA students to make the world a better place,” says Yuri Fulmer, founder of Fulmer & Co and The Fulmer Foundation, as well as a LKA global investor and advisory board member. “We believe deeply in the power of giving back through philanthropy - it’s inspiring to see Little Kitchen Academy putting the power of giving into their students’ hands, rather than making the choice for them. How Can I Help not only does good now by supporting important causes but also will have an enormous impact on the world in the future, creating a generation that understands its power and its ability to create change.”  

Brian Curin, co-founder/co-CEO and president of Little Kitchen Academy, hopes The Fulmer Foundation’s generosity will encourage others to learn more about How Can I Help and consider matching donations made on behalf of LKA students in future. “I would love to see more people supporting How Can I Help as we grow by matching donations at individual locations or regions to model generosity and philanthropy to our students,” said Curin. “We can’t wait to share the news with our students, reinforcing the idea that by working together we can do incredible things and make a difference. I am so grateful to Yuri, to everyone at Fulmer & Company, and to The Fulmer Foundation for asking themselves ‘how can I help’ and following through in such a remarkable way!”

For a taste of Little Kitchen Academy and to learn more about the How Can I help program, visit or join its communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.