Today Fulmer & Company is pleased to announce the launch of its new portfolio company, Omnie Integrated Services Inc. - a Vancouver based startup offering true omni-channel solutions tailored to B2C businesses.

One of the biggest issues most businesses face is poor customer communication. Bad communication experience can damage the customer life cycle. As a result, companies often see a decrease in repeat business.

Founded by Jordan Brown, Omnie is determined to disrupt the customer service industry by introducing an innovative, industry-leading platform. Followed by carefully conducted due diligence and discovery, Omnie customizes each platform to meet all business requirements, while remaining user friendly and design focused. It will then kick off the implementation which guarantees a seamless integration with existing tools and programs.

The Omnie platform supports voice, SMS, email, contact form, live chat and social media. For web communications, Omnie offers both live chat and automated customer support via its proprietary software, Omniebot.

Aided by Omnie's highly skilled, dedicated agents, businesses can re-distribute resources to focus on elevating customers' in-person experience, therefore, strengthening the brand and service quality.

"At Omnie, we are a team of brand-conscious, customer service oriented individuals with world-class professional experience. We take pride in our product because we believe its ability to deliver industry-leading response time and top-tier customer satisfaction," said Jordan.

"As we adapt to the new normal, we realize that omnichannel customer service will soon become a requirement for businesses. Technology-enhanced customer service is no longer an unconventional tool. We see great potential in Omnie in delivering real solutions, and we are committed to help take the business to the next level," noted Yuri Fulmer, Chairman and CEO of Fulmer & Company.

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