Today The Fulmer Foundation, Fulmer Capital Partners’ not-for-profit affiliate founded to support local communities, is proud to announce that Goodly Foods Society, an initiative created in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, successfully launched its production facility.

Goodly Foods is operated under two overarching goals – to build a sustainable food system by turning surplus produce into nutritious products, and provide training and employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

During the pilot phase, the Goodly Foods team worked with Chef Karen Barnaby to develop soup recipes, partnering with Commissary Connect and Hope Action Values Ethics Culinary Training Society to produce and distribute 572 litres of soup to local organizations providing over 90 hours of employment for supported staff.

Goodly Foods recently received a grant from the Walmart Foundation and is in full production mode of the first product – Hearty Tomato Vegetable Soup, which is being distributed through Food Bank channels and available for sale to buying partners.

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